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Electronic actuator testing & repairs


Turbocharger Electronic Actuator testing service involves running your Turbochargers actuator on or test bed to ensure the actuator works efficiently without error and that it can reach its full working parameters

Turbocharger spare parts


We offer wide range of turbocharger spare parts (Turbocharger cartridge chra , turbocharger actuators, turbocharger repair kits, variable VNT nozzle rings)

VNT / Variable vane cleaning


Carbon build up around the variable vanes assembly of the turbocharger is a common mode of failure, restricting the movement of the actuator arm and causing overboost or underboost, which results engine going to limp mode.

Air flow bench test


When setting up a remanufactured turbo, vane setting positions are set using accurate air flow equipment, which ensures that the ‘minimum vane opening’ position is set to allow a specific mass of air flow through the vanes. which lets us to ensure our products match OEM quality.

Turbocharger core balancing


To ensure CHRA do not vibrate excessively during operation, it must be balanced on a high speed balancing machine which is capable of accelerating the CHRA through its full operating speed and measuring the vibrations as the rotor passes through resonant frequencies. In over 99% of tests, the unbalanced CHRA has vibrations outside acceptable limits and must be further balanced to ensure the turbo will operate correctly.

Genuine new turbochargers


Every Genuine New Turbocharger comes direct from the Turbo manufacturer together with essential gaskets and fitting kit.
Our new genuine turbochargers are exactly the same as from dealers like Ford or Volkswagen, but cheaper!

About Us

We have highly trained and experienced staff, as well as the latest equipment to carry out the repair and remanufacture of a wide range of turbochargers. Our new Turbocharger repair facilities in Sheffield allow us to provide a clean neat environment for our in house machining and assembly room. This enables us to complete many jobs to a greater degree of accuracy and better tolerance control.

All turbochargers are reconditioned or repaired to original manufacturer specifications and beyond. All units are balanced using the latest computerized balancing equipment reaching speeds up to 200,000 RPM.

All exchange and new turbochargers carry a 24 month unlimited mileage warranty.

Our technical support staff can provide telephone advice on any aspect of fitting, fault finding and diagnosis of any related suspect turbocharger problems.

We offer a free collection & delivery service throughout the UK. We try to carry all of our work in 24 hours, so our customers are not off the road longer than necessary.

Turbocharger repair in Sheffield