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Turbo Technics introduced the VSR Mk3 core-balancing machine in 1999, following 15 years’ production of the previous model. Within months its clever design and many unique features became the talking point of the turbocharger industry. Following worldwide acclaim, and the only VSR (Vibration Sorting Rig) to meet full factory approval by Garrett, KKK (3K BorgWarner), Holset and IHI, the machine soon became regarded as the accepted “Industry standard” for repair businesses and aftermarket re-manufacturers.

Core balancing is the method required by turbo manufacturers to ensure that a repaired turbocharger meets quality standards. The Turbo Technics VSR balancing machine offers a 100% quality control system which both measures and corrects turbocharger vibration throughout the entire speed range, from zero up to 250,000 rpm. This ensures quiet turbocharger operation and a longer service life.

Following many years in production, the Turbo Technics VSR still remains the most advanced and universally chosen turbocharger core balancing machine available. A programme of continuous development builds on this winning formula and maintains a competitive advantage over rival machines. Greater computer processing speed, network integration and an even brighter touch screen are just a few recent improvements.