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In recent years engines have improved to meet tighter Euro emission regulations,  and many premium brand vehicles have moved to electronic Turbocharger actuation which gives positional feedback to the ECU.  Some more advanced turbo controllers now sit within the CAN-bus talking directly to the injection system and air mass sensors, to respond more quickly to engine demands. The use of the Electronic Turbo actuator means improved Turbo spool up times and increased efficiency resulting in more power and better fuel economy.

By introducing this new electronic control component into already a highly sophisticated system, there are bound to be downsides.....  in this case, it is faulty Turbocharger Electronic actuators.
Generally, electronic actuators fail when the VNT mechanism seizes due to carbon build up in the VNT. This overloads the motor and worm gear.  Increased load can cause the motor to burn out due to power overload and can also lead to worm gear failure.
Due to the nature of electronic components it can often be difficult to determine the condition of the motor and worm gear individually - they could both be close to failure.

We are able to offer not only Electronic Turbocharger Actuator testing, but also reconditioning to many of the current range of turbochargers.
Our Turbo Electronic Actuator testing service involves us running your Turbocharger actuator on or test rig to ensure the actuator electronic part works efficiently without error and that it can reach its full working parameters.  All units are delicately cleaned internally to ensure all electrical components are free of dirt which can affect the actuators ability to process information received and also to ensure all moving components are working properly.

The cost of a Recondition to an Turbocharger electronic actuator is £120 and includes vat and return delivery.  Turnaround time can vary depending on the fault, but all actuators are ready to return within 10 working days.