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Carbon build up around the variable vanes assembly of the turbocharger is a common mode of failure, restricting the movement of the actuator arm. The carbon build up around the variable vanes is commonly referred to as suffering with ‘sticky vanes’. This restriction can reduce boost pressure and can result in the vehicle being put into ‘limp mode’ by the engine management system to try to prevent further damage to the vehicle. Its commonly appears when the vehicle is going uphill, usually above 3000rpm, when engine is giving maximum boost.

Restarting the engine allows the ECU to reset, bringing back full performance of the engine, but only until next time.
Many people choose quick solution in form of liquid additives to fuel system. Which gives results instantly but only for a short period of time.
And using it too often will cause DPF filter matrix to clog up and will do more damage in the long run.

We can offer a cleaning service for this common problem to overcome this issue.

Just contact us and we will order your turbocharger to get delivered to us,   where we will strip and assess unit. We will dismantle turbocharger variable vain nozzle ring into individual components, wash and sandblast them. We also file the surface of vanes to ensure it wont happen again in near future. The cost of this service is 80£ (including both ways delivery)

In some occasions a faulty Turbo actuator could result to the same engine problem. Should this be the case, we can replace and sometimes repair your Turbo actuator to overcome your Turbo problems.