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Using the most advanced technologies we can diagnose any type of turbocharger and determine the exact cause of the fault.

How we inspect turbocharger?

First,  we separate the core from turbocharger housings. This process is much more complicated than it may seem at first glance. Sometimes use of special tools is required.
Bolts tend to snap, and we take extra caution removing the housings , because it can easily damage the shaft blades if removed improperly.

The second procedure - Washing: We degrease all turbocharger parts, as well as the turbocharger core.  We remove all dirt and resin on which the measurement of turbocharger parts may be incorrect.  We also visually determine whether there is mechanical damage or micro cracks on the shaft blades, if shaft is not bended.

Then we measure the turbo radial and longitudinal wear, and if both parameters do not exceed limits , we check the turbocharger oil throughput and imbalances. To measure it we use Turbotechnics VSR 300 balancing machine (oil preasure 4-4,5 bar. Oil temperature 70-90 ° C) Normally we test turbocharger for 15-20 min. Asufficient duration to make sure that the turbocharger does not leak oil to compressor or turbine end.

If at least one of the tested parameters is bad, the turbocharger must be repaired or replaced.

 In this case we offer turbocharger repair in 24 hours. If after close inspection, we don’t find any turbocharger faults, we return it to customer at no cost!