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1. Disassembling


Turbocharger disassembly must be done in a certain order, and with use of special tools. Disassembly of the turbocharger - is 20% of the repairs. Improper dismantling of the turbocharger may damage some parts, and it can no longer be repaired.


2. Washing cleaning and inspection


All parts of disassembled turbocharger is cleaned and washed. After washing the parts are measured and inspected for further repair actions.
Turbocharger bearing housing, compressor and turbine housings are sandblasted. Manifold is grinded and polished to ensure the total flatness, which prevents exhaust gas leaking.

Parts are tested for micro cracks, disbalance and measured to match factory dimensions.

Turbocharger repair in Sheffield


3.  Core assembling and balancing


After balancing all the parts it is assembled into bearing housing together with thrust bearing, flinger, journal bearing and piston rings. Compressor wheel tightening force and tightening method is very important for further balancing of turbocharger, so in order to do accurate and error-free tightening use of special tools is essential.

After assembling the turbo core, it is mounted to the VSR (Vibration Sorting Ring). The stand eliminates resonance imbalance that usually occurs when turbocharger working speed reaches over 80,000 rpm / min. This stand is a recognized producer for Garrett, BorgWarner Turbo, IHI turbochargers.

This stand simulates turbocharger work, as it is in a vehicle. Turbocharger mounted to the rig in which the air flow is routed directly to the turbine impeller. Oil pump is supplying hot oil to the core and compressed air propels turbocharger axis to the maximum torque. Vibrations are measured and removed using special tools

 Turbocharger repair in Sheffield


4.  Final Assembly


The turbocharger is assembled into compressor and turbine housings. Housings are inspected for any micro damages, all threads repaired. Finally, turbocharger actuator is mounted and adjusted.

 Turbocharger reconditioning in Sheffield